Sunday, October 19, 2008

Socialism isn't Communism

The founding ideas of Socialism set out by Marx and Engles were intended to end capitalism as capitalism was thought to over exploit workers or the low class. Aggressive in their view this "method" was adopted and hijacked several times into Totalitarianism which many understand as Communism or Dictatorship. On the contra the basic definition of Socialism is still a government by the people and for the people and works perfectly in a Democratic government. In fact socialism is a necessary part of a democratic government to prevent Totalitarianism by Global Corporate giants.

The methods of government, America must put in place are a balance of historical methods in place for many years in different governments. The first thing Americans must realize is that the word Socialism or Social is not to be feared. Its a method already employed since Roosevelt to save this country from destruction 70 years ago. Hence "Social Security". These methods will be necessary to keep our country moving forward for the next 200 years. Capitalism allows companies (global and American) to act in their best interests and not the nation. Although this promotes periods of economic booms, also comes the potential for total collapse. Imagine America if Roosevelt had been a member of the Republican party of 2008 with the ideas of small government. This country would be economically owned by Russia or Germany and we would be part of a different Totalitarianism system. Do not take this likely! A country ran by capitalism can be hijacked by China, Middle East of even a new group yet to be known.

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